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500 grain cast bullet load data...

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Does anyone know where I can find loading data for a 500 grain cast bullet for .45-70, preferably for the lever action category or less? I know this is a lot of bullet for the Marlin, and, I have my own load that I more or less came up with, but my Lyman manual does not include the 500 gr. bullet in any of the three .45-70 categories... fixin' to go after HogZilla... Thanx
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Graybeard said:
Do you have a specific velocity window you want to shoot for? Do you have a preference in powder or leaving that up to me? Got some that might do what you want once you answer the above.

GB, I should have been more specific in that I am aware of the length of bullet issue with the 500 grain (which is why the 500 grain cast is not normally listed for the Marlin) working the load up etc... And, the load that I have developed seats the bullet deeply enough that it feeds properly etc... I was just curious if anybody knows of published data for a 500 grain cast bullet in either the Marlin or Sharps actions... All of the data that I have for cast bullets stops short of 500 grains...
In answer to your question, I prefer to remain below 1400 fps, and normally use either IMR 3031, Unique, or 2400 for my various cast bullet loads for my 1895SS, but again, I have a load, just curious if there is any published data floating around ... Thanks Dave[/color]
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