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Can you be more specific with the 6.5 mm model number on this Japanese Military rifle? Is it a Model 38 w/19 inch bbl., heavy bayonett carbine, or the Model 38 Arisaka Service Rifle w/ Mauser-type bolt action 25.38 and 31.25 inches bbl. length?

These Model 38's were adapted in 1905, the 38th year of the Japanese Meiji reign. The Japanese Model 44 Cavalry Carbine was same as Model38 rifle except w/ 19 inch bbl w/ heavy folding bayonett. Adopted in 1911.

The Model 99 Service Rifle, modified Model 38, caliber 7.7mm w/ 25.75 inch bbl. weight 8.75 lbs. Adopted in 1939. Military-type full stock may have bipod. Note later models made of poor quality some w/ cast steel receivers. Values $130-165 depending on models/ condition.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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