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6.5 Swede Mauser

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Ok, Here's the $150.00 mauser I purchased from a coworker. I was hoping someone could translate the markings from the brass disk in the stock for me.

In the top of the disk is the numerals "6.51" followed by the numerals "2-9" mine has a tic mark just above the numeral "2"
Below this is the numeral "6.46" followed by the numerals "7,8,9,0" no markings on this line
There's also a "1" over a "2,3" with a tic mark over the "1"
The bottom of the disc has the following inscribed "Torped Overslag 0 Str"

This rifle is of Carl Gustafs Stads origin 1916, Straight bolt design with matching Bolt, receiver, and barrel numbers. Any help on the above would be appreciated....

Frog :D
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I had a good site but can't seem to find it now. If I find it, I'll let you know. For now, though, I'll give you my understanding of your markings from my old notes. I'm not an expert in this and I am sure there are more knowledgable people out there who will correct me if I am in error (please).

First, the 6.51 with the 2-9 and the 6.46 with the 7-9 represents a range of bore diameters ranging from 6.46 to 6.59. The mark over the 2 following the 6.51 represents a bore measurement of 6.52. The pie shaped 1 2 3 is a visible rust inspection mark with 1 being the best and 3 the worst (Good to see the 1 marked here). Finally the torped marking represents the m/41 139 grn bullet and the overslag means over shooting. STR stand for streck which translates into .1 m/100 m. Therefore, if shooting the 139 grn ammo, the rifle was measured to be dead on at 100 m. If the 0 had been a 1 for instance, it would have measured .1 m high at 100 m with the 138 grn ammo. So you have a 6.52 barrel with minimal rust at inspection that shoots dead on +/-.5 m at 100 meters. I hope this is helpful and not too much in error.
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Flatlander told you the straight skinny my friend. You will be more than pleased when you finally take your M96 long rifle to the range. Just be prepared to replace the front sight blade with the tallest one you can find. This is because the Swedes sighted their military service weapons in at 300 meters, not 100. Therefore, you will need to replace the original sight blade with a taller one for 100 yds. I believe you can find these blades at SAMCO, or Brownell's Hope she lives up to her heritage!
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