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6 PPC 1 in 12 twist ( help)

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Found a sweet xp in 6 ppc 1 in 12 twist I'm not sure that will stabilize a heavy enough bullet to take 1/2 scale rams at 200 mtrs.

I could crank it up but I fear target damage.

I don't have a clue here any help guys / not a good deal if it won't work

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You should be OK thru 75 grains. My 6br rifle has 14 twist and keyholes after that.
Big Ed! Sierra Bullets says it takes a minimum of 1:8 for their 107's. That's what I have on my RAMPRO in 6BR. Don't see how a 1:12 will work for the heavier bullets, and I think you are right about target damage. MHO. Steve
6PPC 1 in 12

let me clarify my question!

What is the lightest bullet that will take RAMs & work with this twist ??

am I just wishing too hard cause this gun is sharp
Big Ed! If you are asking about full size rams, I would say the Sierra 107's are minimum for rams. If you run them at 2,400 fps, you will not do target damage. I have been using these bullets in my 6BR since 1998 and I have yet to loose a ram. Steve
I talking about 1/2 scale rams I'm worried about the 1 in12 twist not stabilizeing a heavy enough bullet to take 1/2 scale rams. Will 75 or 80 gr bullets work as I suspect that is all this twist will handle
As Steve uggested on shooters. call Sierra, they will give you the stabalization limits with your 1-12 twist.
As far as knock down, I used 80 gn. Rem FB bullets @ 2370 on the BB rams at the INT. and all fell tthat I hit :-D
Big Ed! If all you're worried about is Half-Scale, you'll have no problems with a 75 or 80 grain bullet. But, would call Sierra to find out where your outer limits are for bullet weight. Steve
The data that I have from Berger draws the cuttoff weight at 80gr. for a 1:12 twist.

With 88 to 90 grs. needing 1:10
95 to 105 grs. (flat base) 1:9
105 grs. 1:8
115 grs. 1:7

But 80 grs. should get the job done just fine, but I wouldn't go any faster than 2600 fps.
THANKS Guys you answered all my questions now I feel good about going ahead with the purchase now !!

hey black sheep thanks for the info off berger website ?
No, info wasn't from their website. It was from one of their brochures that I sent away for.
:D My .223 with 55 gr bullets take the rams just fine. One guy in Portland shoots a .221 fireball with 50s. Another guy was taking them with a hornet.

Get the PPC. Use a 75-80 gr bullet and you will be fine. You don't have to kick them out at top speed. Just get an accurate load and go shoot. You will take all of the half scale critters not problem.

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