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loader 3009

Last year a bought a caliber adapter from MCA Sports.You can fire a
in a .223.It works great,I load it with Agiula 60grn subsonic rounds!In my rifle with a 1-9 twsit,it is very accurate!Now I have a 6mm-284 with a
1-10 and MCA sports says they can make custom chamber adapters.If I can find a subsonic cartridge I can shoot up to 100grn's.More power More range than the .22.

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Subsonixc 6mm

Hey maggot, check out, they list the following 6mm cartridges they have available
6mm X 30-30
6mmX30-30 Improved
6mm BR Mag New!
6mm PPC
6mm Donaldson Wasp
6mm Vartarg
6mm Vartarg Turbo
6mm TCU
6.5mm TCU
6.5mm Donldsn Wasp
6.5mm US
6.5 X 30-30
6.5mm BR Mag
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