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7-30 loads

I chronoed that same load 29.0 grains of H-322 but with a 139gr SST and formed .375Win brass it went over the scren at 2248fps.
flatlander said:
I use Winchester WLR primers, 29.0 grains of H322, and 120 grn Nosler ballistic tips. I don't recall exactly what I was getting when I put it over the chrony years ago, but I know it was well over 2200 and I'm thinking I was in the 2300 range. I just know that the load is effective for both hogs and deer and quit worrying about velocities at that point. I am more concerned about knowing the trajectory and my load will carry enough energy to make a good kill for any length of shot that I feel confident enough to shoot (about 200 yards max for me).
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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