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7 mm Remington Mag

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:? After doing quite a bit of research on ballistics, recoil, etc... and talking to some veteran hunters and outfitters I am honing on on getting a 7 mm Remington Mag for my upcoming first Elk/Muley trip to N.E. Colorado.
The outfitter is a 3rd generation guy and seems to know his stuff. To count on a Bull I need to be accurate out to 300 yds in his terrain. When I told him the calibers I had and my shooting ability, he told me he would MUCH rather have me use a .308 that I was comfortable with than my .300 Wby mag whose groups are twice as big at 300 yds. He told me many hunters have killed Elk with .270s and 30.06s w/150-160gr bullets at 300 yds at his camps. I think my .308 is gettin iffy at 300 yds. for elk.

Looking at all aspects the 7mm Rem mag seems to have a definite edge over a .270 or 30.06 at 300-350 yds with minimal extra recoil.
My sentimental heart would lead me to a good old Rem. 700 BDL. but recent experience will push me toward Sako or Tikka.
Any thoughts or suggestions? :roll:
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You ought to take a look at the Federal 30-06 High Energy loads, compared to the 7mm Rem mag. They are very accurate in my JC Higgins FN. :wink:
I think you should listen to the advice of the guide and do as he says. That's what you are paying him for is his knowledge. Use a rifle you are comfortable with and which you shoot accurately. If he is much of a guide and you are much of a hunter then chances are you'll not be shooting at any 300 yards anyway.

You'll be much ahead to use a rifle you are familiar with and shoot well and know from long use than anything new you might buy. The game hasn't gotten any tougher since the days when mountain men used muzzle loaders and round balls to kill them. Every year folks still use muzzle loaders and even bow and arrow to kill plenty of elk.

The new light mag loads from Hornady and the high energy I think they call them loads from Federal move rifles up a notch in velocity if you feel you just gotta have it. If a 165-180 grain bullet from your .308 won't do it then the 7MM should ain't gonna magically do the trick for you.

The guide is right on! I had a non-resident hunter who hunted with me and was using a 300 Weatherby he had inherited. He was so proud of the rifle but couldn't hit a thing with it. It wasn't the rifle as I put it on paper and got sub-inch groups. I had him shoot one of my 270's and suddenly he seldom missed the mark. Couldn't live without that rifle so I let him have the darn thing. Point being always shoot what you are comfortable with. I have shot numerous elk with my 6X60MM and find it big enough, having never lost anything hit with it. Like any catrridge if you don't put the bullet where it should be you are in trouble. I've seen more game lost with magnums than standards by a considerable margin.
Finn Aagard wrote an article a couple of years ago on the .308. He recommended using a 165 gr bullet for everything, varying the bullet construction for the game. In other words, use a tougher bullet for tougher game. Work up a good load with a 165 gr partition or similar, and go Elk hunting.

I am going the opposite way from the latest big boomer trend, having just sold my .300 Win Mag and purchased a 6.5 Swede M70. I would certainly shoot an elk with the Swede and the right bullet, putting it in the right place.

Just my two cents,

:lol: Thanks Guys! I just traded my Sako 75 Hunter in .300 Wby mag for a new Sako Stainless Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag. There was quite a difference in shooting recoil. I still feel the 7 mm Rem will do the trick on my Elk/muley hunt this fall and is more comfortable for me to shoot with than the .300 Wby.
I have a good load for my .308 with 168gr Barnes X which I will use in the thick timber and have tne 7mm ready if we have early snow and they are down in the open foothills where longer shots(300 yds) are the norm.
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