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700 adl-bdl

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hello all i've been looking around this site for quite awhile now and would appreciate some knowledge. i've been tinkering with a 700 adl and would like to know what the difference is between adl, mag. spring and follower. can i use the adl mag and spring follower with a bdl floorplate, or do i have to buy all bdl parts? thanx for any suggestions
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adl vs bdl

the adl has no florplate its a box magazine to convert the adl to bdl you would have to have the stock cut out for the new trigger guard and the florplate assy.the florplate has the spring and follower atached to it. :D JIM
bdl adl

if you have the floorplate look on the inside of it and you will see where the spring slides into it, the follower should be the same but you will have to look at a bdl and see how the spring goes in the floorplate. :D JIM
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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