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:roll: Seems high to me unless this is what you want.For $2000.00 I think you can have built what you like how you like it.My .02,good luck on your decision,I am CAL.....
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is a 93 remington700 done by sisk worth 200

Thanks Cal I looked at Sisk and they want 4300 to build a new one and this has a 3-9 swarovshi on it but I am still debating!
is a 93 remington700 done by sisk worth 200

There is a difference between a good price and a good value.

Is it a good price[/color]? For a Charlie Sisk rifle - yes. Not a great price, but a good reasonable price.

Is it a good value[/color]? This is a more difficult question to answer. This is a custom gun. Custom guns average about $2,000. Some more, some less, but the average is about 2 grand. As such, it is an average value compared to others in its league.

On the other hand, compared to certain factory rifles, it cannot really be deemed a good value. Keep in mind that value is almost as much a subjective thing as it is objective. You can get a Remington BDL that will cost 1/4 the price and perhaps shoot just as good. Even if it doesn't, the Remington's accuracy will still be very acceptable, especially at $500. You could also get a Sako for about $1,000. Sakos have better resale values than Remington, and are better made, but they also will shoot about the same. Accordingly, all said, I wouldn't say that the Sisk rifle is necessarily a better value.

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