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72 Chev

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I have a 72 chev longbed. Has 190,000 miles on it. I have an engine in the works to put in it. I have been trying to find a push bar (aka brush bar) for the front, eurathane bushings, sway bars, leaf springs, etc. Having a hard time finding stuff that will keep it within about 2" higher than stock. Found lots of stuff to raise it 6-8", but I am getting a little too old to go "rolling around" in a truck. Would like to keep the center of gravity low so I can keep on huntin' those back roads to elk land. Anyone know of a company still making products mentioned above for the old 67-72 chevs? Find 73 and newer all over.

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Steve, LMC has stuff for your truck. You could practically build a truck using their catalogue.
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