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I just laid away a Rem 760 in 35 Remington. I was wondering how it stands up in the way of action strength, ie the ability to take heavy loads. Some ammo, like Buffalo Bore, lists guns that can take it, and Marlins are always on the list. What about the Rem 760? Is it stronger or weaker than the Marlin? What would be a good margin of safety to use when loading the 35 Rem?

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I guess you should contact the manufacture of the high pressure ammo and see what they have to say. Is the .35 Remington the lowest pressure round that has been loaded in the M760. Take a look at the many other rounds that develope much high pressure then the .35 Rem. One of those is the .270 Win. My M760 in .270 Win. has done the job since 1957. I started loading for it in 1958. It does not have the extraction power of a bolt action but it function very good with factory ammunition and safe reloads.

As a kid I ran into a slight pressure problem because I was new at the reloading game. The problem was resolved when I started trimming cases.

A few of the other high pressure rounds that found a home in the M760 are the .243 Win., 6mm Rem., 280 Remington, and the .3O8 Winchester.

Another route to take is to have it re-chambered for the the .358 Winchester round. I believe one of Graybeards sponsors does the work.

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I asked Tim Sundles (of Buffalo Bore Ammunition) the same question when I purchased my 7600 carbine in .35 Remington.

Here's the Q&A cut and pasted from my email:

Your assumption that item 17A should be safe in the Rem (7600) pump is
correct. That ammo produces only 40,000CUP and is quite safe in the Rem.

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> My question regarding the "Heavy 35 Rem." ammo (item 17A) pertains to
> the rifles it can be used in safely. I understand that it is only
> recommended for the Marlin lever-action, T/C Contender, & bolt action
> rifles in that caliber. I want to know if it would be OK to shoot in a
> modern (manufactured in 2004) Remington 7600 pump rifle? This rifle is
> chambered in other calibers that are substantially more powerful than
> the .35 Rem., including the .308 Win. & .30-06 Springfield, which leads
> me to believe that your Heavy .35 could be used in this rifle as well.
> What's your opinion on this matter?
> Also, what chamber pressure does this round develop (PSI)?
> Thanks in advance,
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