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7MM-08 Velocities With 140Grn Bullet &

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Took my new F1 Chrony to the range yesterday and checked out the 140 Grn Accubonds on top of Varget. Got the following average velocities from my Rem 700 Mtn LSS 22" barrel using the top three powder charges.

41.0Grn 2,673 FPS
41.5Grn 2,716 FPS
42.0Grn 2,752 FPS

I know it's not much of an increase, and although it's a bit nitpicky, I would like to get it up to 2,800 FPS as per my ballistics program that velocity most closely matches the bullet drop compensator notches of my Burris 3-9x40 Ballistic Plex reticle.

The Nosler 5th edition shows a velocity of 2,849 for the Ballistic Tip with 42.0Grn of Varget using a 26" barrel. I'm shooting a 22" barrel and not showing any pressure signs at 42.0Grns of Varget (shot at 84 degrees outside temp). Considering the difference in barrel length, would it be OK to edge past the 42.0Grn max at say .2 grns per increment and watching for pressure signs?

Are any of you guys getting 2,800 fps or better out of a 22" barreled 7MM-08? If so, could you please share bullet / powder / primer / brass info?


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I've tried two powders (XMR-4350 and Re-15) with the Nosler 140 gr BT out of my 7mm-08 Savage with a 22" barrel.

Top velocity without pressure signs in my gun was with 42.5 gr of RE-15 and I got 2705 fps measured 6 feet from the muzzle.

WW brass CCI 200 primer.
By the time you see "pressure signs" you'll be in proof load pressures. The game will never know they've been cheated out of less than 50 fps. :wink:

Hodgdon web page shows Max load of Varget 42.2 grs for 2800+ fps in a 24" tube.

I have loaded with RL19 48.0 grs and 140 gr BT for a friends Ruger carbine, 20" barrel. Nosler #5 says Max load is 49.0 grs for 2922 fps in a 26" barrel.
You might want to give RL19 a try.


I was beginning to question my Chrony thinking it was reading low, but, like JD338 said, Hodgdon shows 2,819FPS for 42.2 Grn of varget in a 24" tube and Gregroy is getting 2,705FPS out of RE-15. I suppose that with my load @ 2,750, my Chrony is at least in the right ball park.

JD, I had thought about the RL19, but that 49.0 Grn max load in the Nosler manual is shown as a combressed load. The 140Grn Accubond is a very long bullet and it sticks way down in the case in order to fit in the Rem 700 Mtn LSS magazine. That would make the combo "extremely" compressed.

Maybe I'm just being too nitpicky and should just forget about it, but then again, I sure spend a lot of time trying to reduce that group size another 1/4"...LOL

I know the deer will not be able to tell the difference, but to me part of the fun is trying to get that last measure of excellence.

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Thanks for the help guys!!!!

I just went back and checked my ballistics program and even at 2,752 FPS, if I sight in dead on at 100 Yds, I should be within an inch of dead center at 200 & 300 Yds using the appropriate hash marks on the reticle.

Getting that extra 50 FPS will not make an appreciable difference. I'm just going to load some up, get to the range and see where she actually shoots at 200 & 300. After all, thats what really matters anyway.

Thanks again

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