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7mm TCU load data

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Guy I think I am going to trade for a 7mm TCU 10".What are some of your pet loads for this caliber.All info will be recorded. :D
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I am very fond of 100 gr Sierra and Hornady hollowpoints for

I am very fond of 100 gr Sierra and Hornady Hollow points for plinking, with 30.5 grs of 2230. I also like Billy Marrs 168 gr gaschecks, I can look up the load later, have to go to work now. The TCU is really accurate. You'll love it.
7tcu pet loads

try useing AA#2200, 28 grs. with a Nosler 120 gr. bt, I get about 2300 fps, out of a 14" tube. :-D hope this helps.
come on Guys

I know there are more than two good buddies out there that shoot the 7mm TCU.Just looking for a very good place to start at.
7tc load data

what are you planning on doing with this gun? targets,deer ,ground hogs
coyotes. I generally use 120 gr. bullets and 748 powder for everything.
IF I plan on sillywets I use heavier bullets especially on the rams.Some times I use cast 154's as they seem to stick on the ram better.
not sure what I will be using it on more than likely a little of everything.I never have shot comitition but you never know.
Been using this load for 20 yrs. but start low and work up to match your own firearm. Hornady 139gr. sp over 26.5gr. of H322 with a cci 400 primer. In mine it prints under 3/4" @ 100. My son has taken whitetail with it over 200yds. without even thinking about it. Can't seem to get the 100s and 120s to print worth crap through my barrel, but it's not from lack of trying.
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7tc/u load data

yea,I know what you mean. I have the 7tc in 10,14 & 21 inch versions.
They all like different diets :-D Gets a little scary if I grab the wrong ammo box! So I keep them color coded ,Blue=10 green=14 and red=21.jh
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