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My choice


I see you already made your choice, and IMHO, you chose well.
I have a 300 WSM, and to keep it's ammo in it's sweet spot, I am loading
165 gr. Barnes TSX bullets. These are long for their weight, and have
excellent deep penetration characteristics. If you can find factory
ammo, loaded with these bullets, or load your own, I would HIGHLY
recommend giving them a try. My .300 WSM, puts them into .6 MOA
groups, from the bench, which is much better than Minute of Elk :-D

Good choice on the scope. I have a 4-12 VXII on my 300 WSM, and
now I am wishing that I would have gone with a 3-9, to avoid
the Adjustable Objective issue, but I will hunt it a few times before
I make a scope change. In some situations, the 12x is handy, but
I could probably get it done at 9x.

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