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The 318 bore is actually pretty rare to
see now. But if there is any question,
have a gunsmith "Slug" the bore ang make
sure. The 1888 Commission rifles had a 318
bore, I have seen 1 1891 Mauser in 318 bore
(VERY RARE) and the early 98's had 318 bores.
As I understand it, Anything made after the second year
of WW 1 should be .323 bore. (I think it was earlier though).
The " I " (INFANTRY) designation was misread by by some government translator as a " J " after WW 1 and it stuck.
The " S " (Spitzer or POINTED) designation was given
to the pointed .323 bore bullets when they were adopted.
If I remember correctly, when a rifle was converted from
.318 bore to .323, a large S was stamped on the Receiver.
** Just a note for confusions sake though **
I recently aquired a "batch" of 200+ Grain Cupro-nickel
jacketed roundnose 8x57 ammo dated 1926 on the headstamp
that was .318 diameter !. Can't Figure that one out.
Hope this helps.

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8mm bore diameter

Hay SS: Nice to hear from you again. I agree with you on the 8mm's bore diameter but somewhere, probably on this forum, I read that for the european hunters and shooters, the .318 bored 8mm is still very much alive. I guess for some of those folks it is like our comparing a 7mm to a 30-06 or a 9mm to a 9.3mm. Some folks are just sold on a particular bore diameter, some are not. That may explain why you found that batch of .318 - 8mms manufactured in 1926.

Either way you look at it, both 8mm bores can be extremely accurate. Townsend Whelan was, of course, way off the mark when he declared the 8mm the most inaccurate cartridge he ever shot and recommended rebarreling any 8mm to a 30-06. Sorry Townsend, but it sounds like you should have checked your bore dimentions before heading out to the range. Mikey.

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I've got an 8mm Turk. With 180 Rem.CLSP & 40gr. of 4895 in cut down 30-06 cases it shoots VERY ACCURATELY. This is a $75 rifle & it looks great. However the finish on the wood is rough to the touch.

I carry it with me in the truck all the time.I might see a varmit who's time has come. :grin:
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