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90 Gr. Pistol bullets in a 300 Whisper?

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.......anybody tried these for fun? Just curious, tried some today with 20 grs. H110. Pretty cool.
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They definately have a different P.O.I,

..but they are fun. Took some up today and took a couple of shots with the 90's loaded hot and the 200 cast loaded light at 25 yds just to see the difference. It was pretty wet and rainy though, if the weather co-operates I'll get a better feild test with this gun.
90 grainers in .300 Whisper

Weird you should ask..I just loaded and tested some Hornady 90 gr.XTP's today. I used 20 grains of 5744. They grouped real well, and they certainly took care of those liquid detergent bottles full of water.. I was looking for something to shoot crows and coyotes with. This just might be the ticket. I am tinkering with the OAL and will be trying the H-110 as well. I wish one of the bullet manufacturers or Hodgdon would come up with some .300 Whisper loads using LIL' Gun. I works really well in my .45 LC Bisley. :?
I really like 5744, but I bet it isnt all being burnt.I also

...also love my .45 Colt. I use Unique for lighter bullets and 296 for the big ones......but it is such a difference in caliber to .308...I just dont know much about Lil Gun. I am betting that it is slower than 1680...but what I dont understand is that I have seen a lot of Whisper data for 296. So, I think you are barking up the right tree. Although...the 296 data for 45 is for BIG bullets 260 gr.and my best guess is that the Lil Gun would work also if used with the proper weight bullets. Why dont you try whatever data you have for Lil Gun in your Whisper in as close to a comparable bullet weight with a starting load and work up .5 grs at a time. As you might know...this could be dangerous. So with however grains of salt..or powder as the case might me. But the best thing in my opinion is to call the manufacturer of the powder...they might be able to suggest a starting load.
Now on the other hand.....those little 90 XTP's are exactly what i am loading....the first shot I tried at 25 yds was a little low and left, but my scope needed focusing, I had just put it on. I adjusted it so it was clear at 25 yds and took a second shot and thought it went through the same hole so I walked up to get a closer look. The second shot had perfectly removed the center dot I had drawn with my marker. They were loaded pretty hot with 20 grs. of 1680. Next I tried some 200 gr Billy Bullets loaded with 12.6 of 1680, and of course they were shooting a little low. Tommorrow, if the weather cooperates..I will compare both at 100 yds along with some 190 gr Honady boatails that I havent tried yet,....I am betting the bigger bullets will be more effective at longer range..maybe even out to 200 or more.
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Spinafish, dont bother calling Hodgdon about 300 whisper loads using Lil Gun. I emailed them back in early Oct. and asked for any info they had on this and received no reply. Last week I called them to ask and was told that they had done no testing with the whisper and did not find any other testing done by anyone with lil gun in this cartridge. I too think this might be a great match but have no data to go on. I have studied it enough to almost be ready to try it on my own. With the aid of a cronograph and the help of a friend who has done a good bit of this type thing, but not with the 300 whisper though. If you happen to try this before I do please be sure and post it or email me the info and results.

Robert keep us updated on those 90gr loads that also sounds good.

I am new to contenders and have not shot the whisper much but when time allows this will change. I have ordered a Bushnell 3200 2x6 scpoe for mine but it has been backordered for four weeks now. I also just ordered a 500 count box of Remington 150gr. 30-30 bullets to work with in it. I plan on trying 125gr Nosler BT to be ready to hunt with next year.

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I found data in my book for Lil Gun with 30 Carbine, should work great. I am showing loads with LIL Gun the same as with H 110 at 15.0 grs with 110 gr. bullets 2106 fps with H 110, and 2064 with Lil Gun. The pressure with H 110 is 36,000 cup...with Lil Gun it is 29,800...big difference in recoil, the Lil Gun would be a lot more pleasant to shoot. These were loads in a 20" barrel. It lists 100 gr bullets with 15 gs Lil Gun @2132 fps, and dosent list Little gun for 85 gr bullets but has H 110 with 17.5 grs @ 2458. So, I am sure you can start with the 15 grs with the 90 gr bullets and work your way up to 17.0 and be getting about 22-2300 fps.
90 grainers in .300 Whisper

BruceP,I had e-mailed Hodgdon back in the spring and was told that the .300 Whisper wasn't popular enough to spend that much time working up loads with the Lil'Gun powder..maybe one of the bullet companies will. I may take Robert's lead and see what I come up with. THe powder works really well with heavy bullets in both my Ruger Bisley and my 14" Contender barrel..seems to kick alot less than the same speed loads using H-110..thanks. :?
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