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John Y Cannuck said:
Recently purchased a 99. It sprays a group in a horizontal pattern.
I started checking screws. The stock bolt was little better than finger tight. Haven't been back to the range yet.

The cross bolt in the reciever. The one that has the split nut on the opposite side. Should this be tight? I started to tighten it, but long before it was close to tight, the screw was sticking out the far side through the nut.

Trigger pull really sucks. While I had the stock off, I cleaned up the mating surfaces, and that lightenned it a bit, but it has about a mile of creep.

How to fix? Any ideas?

It's a 99 Savage Series A. (The ones with the light coloured stock, and impressed checkering). Saftey is on the lever.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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