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We should all thank GB and Matt so much for all the work that went into this new format. I am really looking forward to this. It also helps us save on deleting subjects that are of most interest. THANKS GB and MATT!!
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Gllad ta oblige

:D and glad ta have yew folks join in with us. All us folks who like to hunt, fish or trap better be sticking together or we'll all be falling separately and that's a fact. :)

This new format should reduce the work load on all of us Joe. According to Matt we can leave the posts pretty much as long as we want to if they are of any future value. He assures me that since this is a data base format it won't eat up the data transfer like the old one did. Hope so as I spend a LOT of time deleting posts from all the other forums. Now we can just concentrate on any double posts or antis or such and leave the worthwhile stuff alone I hope. Guess time will tell.

At least this one answers a lot of the requests you guys have been making of us for features you wanted to see.

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