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This is a customr letter which came in today. I'm posting it intact, which is what he suggested in the letter. I would not be posting it if it were not what I expect all customers to get performance wise. Veral

Hey Veral,
I hope and trust that all is well with you and yours.
I have been enjoying the WFN-475-375gr-GC mold you made for me.
It seems to be somewhat forgiving of my casting/loading procedure with regards to resulting bullet quality, accuracy and general performance.
I bought a bunch of LBT Blue Soft bullet lube with that mold and am moved to make comment about it. None of this will be new to you but others might find it useful.

I have a "mild" 454 Casull load that I think of as "old reliable." Been using it for years to take deer for which it excells. I recently changed to your Blue Soft lube and the results made me carefully check the loads to be certain of the powder and charge. Sure enough, it proved to be "old reliable". Blue Soft lube is the difference and the velocity gain changes the whole character of the load...for the better I think.

"Old Reliable" Specific Load Data:
Bullet: Lee C-452-300-RF, sized w/ .454" and lubed with all the others I've tried.
Powder: IMR-4227: 27.0gr (full but not really compressed load.)
Velocity: 1250-fps avg across 84-shots in all weather conditions.

By only changing to LBT-Blue Soft lube: velocity was 1339-fps avg., a gain of 89-fps!
I have already seen some higher than expected velocities with the 475 but haven't tried with everything the same except the lube test like this one...yet.
I'm sure I'll get around to that one day.

I think your followers on your forum at Grey Beard Outdoors might like to see this.
In any event, I thought you might like to hear these things, again.
Very appreciative,

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Your lube works very well.It stays on the bullet and with the blue soft no heater required.I am also using about a half grain less powder to get my target velocity, i wasn't looking for velocity gain as my dv is closeb to 100.BUt the lube has helped with powder efficiency so to speak.jim
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