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I was able to get to the range this morning it was finally nice and dry.
I wanted to shoot the 15 inch 243 winchester and 26 inch 209x45 barrels I got. I had to wait for a little while until the 2 other shooters took a break so I could set up my targets, I just had to shoot the 243, I took my spot and drooped in a round and pulled the trigger. I heard a nice click but no bang. I them opened the frame (old habits die hard) and closed it and recocked the hammer and let it fall with a nice bang. When I took the case out I saw 6 scratches running length wise from the shoulder to the bottom of the neck they where evenly spaced. I thought it might have been dirt on the chamber so I cleaned it and shot another round. same thing as the first had to drop the hammer twice and the 6 scratches on the brand new case.

the cases are brand new winchester first time they have been in the chamber.

I switched to the 26" 209x45 with shoulder stock and it went off every time with no troubles. :)

I had the target set at 40 yards. I was able to get a 2" 6 shot group using 45 caliber 195 gr powerbelts over 100 grs of goex black powder.

this sounds good but the bad thing is I moved the cross hairs a total of 16 clicks and am still 2" left from center and 2" high. The 2" high at 40 yards is about right for 100 yards sight in. I just have to get it to move to the right another 2 " and I will be happy

I got home and called T/C, they told me it sounds like chamfer marks in the chamber, so the 243 winchester is now all packaged up and ready to go back to them :evil: the bad thing is the bullet hit just just a about 1 " higher then I aimed for not bad for bore sighted only.

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before you get to involved with the sight in problem and change the scope play with the powder charge and bullet weight. I had (2) 209x50 at the same time and here in Utah we can't use scopes with power over 1X. I stayed with the open sights. I found that each barrel took a different charge and bullet combination. They worked dead on with open sights one with 250gr sabot and (3) 50gr pellets and the other a 300gr sabot and (2) 50gr pellets.
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