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Man enters a saloon, sits down, props his dog on the bar and orders a double rye and a Corona-Corona.

"Sorry, pard," says the bartender. "No cigars in stock. The drugstore half-a-block down'll fix ya up."

The man turns to his dog and says: "Take this fiver and run down to the apothecary shop and get me a couple Coronas." The dog dutifully takes the bill in his teeth, hops down and races out the door.

Five minutes pass. Then five more. Suddenly the bartender gives a gasp and points out the front window. Looking up, the man sees his dog across the street. His pooch has a female poodle backed up to a fire plug and is giving her what's for.

"Hmmmpphhff," snorts the bartender. "Some dog ya got there, mister. Send him down the street for a cigar and look how he ends up."

The man tips back his shot of rye and slams the glass down. "Well, I can't rightly hold it against him. He's never had five bucks before."
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