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The lady had been in the mall shopping and returned to her car with all the purchases---only to discover that she had locked her keys in the car.
She called her husband and he suggested that she find a piece of wire or old clothes hanger and see if she could open the door with it.
Looking around the crowded lot she did find a clothes hanger---but she had no idea what to do with it.
Almost in tears she cried out too the Lord and asked Him too send her help--she was afraid and desperate.
As she finished praying she turned around too find a dirty, smelly old biker staring at her.
He asked what was wrong.
As she was explaining he got off his bike and took the hanger. He bent it and promptly unlocked he car.
She was so overjoyed she ignored his smell and hugged him---thanking the Lord for his kindness--and kissed him.
The biker asked the lady if she understood what he was. He said he was a car thief who had just that day gotten out of prison after tens years.
The lady grabbed him again and hugged him--saying to the Lord "and you sent me a professional."
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