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flinthead, way to to go! Gotta love that handi in .35 Remington. I've got four .35 Remingtons and here in NE PA where I hunt, it suits
me fine in the thick stuff! I also own 35 Whelens (2) and .358 Winchesters (3). The RP 200gr RNCL has been my favorite bullet in the
.35 Rem and .358 Win. Shot 15 deer with my .358 Win carbine pump with the 200gr RN bullets from RP and HDY @ 2400fps and it's sure death on our Whitetails. This year I'm going to use a recently purchased Marlin 336SC from 1963 in .35 Remington. Been testing
some loads pushing the 200gr RNCL at over 2200fps and should be darn effective from past experience and lower velocity. Good luck on your future hunts. Keep the .35 Remington always handy!
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