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:D A lot of the folks here, I've known for quite a while from a different site. A couple I have the privilage of knowing personally. Others I've met here on these forums. I have enjoyed your company and your insights. On rare occasions, someone lets something personal slip into the conversation and I immediatly feel I have a little more insight into what that person is saying, cause I feel I know him a little better.

The project being:

Over the week end open a file in your computers notepad. And Let the rest of us know a little about you. It doesen't have to be Name Rank & SN
Mailing address. Just what ever you may be comfortable with in an public forum. Who you are, where you are, and how you got there, and why are you staying. That way you can add to, take away from, or just fix it the way you want it. Then next week cut and paste into a new topic.

There is a forum in GBO for just that purpose. It's at the bottom of the index page. Just to make it easy for you:
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