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OK guys here's another report from my friend Barry up in PA. He's been sick with the flu since the first trip out that I reported on. This was but his second trip to the woods this season I think, well hunting trip as he's out most days year round. His story as told to me by him.

I did manage to go hunting this evening. I did not get out as early as I wanted to. I could not find my license holder at first and I just didn't get going all that quickly. I also had to check the muzzleloader and fire it and clean it and then load it for the hunt. I took the Renegade cap lock in 50 caliber.

I figured deer would be in the back side of the hayfield across from the barn but already out and about. So when I got up I had to pick a path across the pasture field so I'd not be seen. Then I had to move through the woods to where I could see that back side and after the frost the leaves are really making a light carpet on the floor of the woods.

So I try to sneak up to where I can see the field and I do see deer in that hayfield. I know I need to get closer so I can see them clearly and have a shot. That isn't easy with the leaves and my big clumsy foot work. I'm looking through maybe 20 yards of woods and can see three deer. Two are does and one is a small buck. Because of the brush I can't tell if there are any other deer to their right. I am guessing it is just after 5PM or so.

Bill all I can say about those round balls for the 50 caliber is I would not want to be shot by one.

I guess I had 40-50 yard shot maybe closer 40 yard and I was standing. I was trying to get close a tree for something to lean against but wasn't able to manage that.

I really do like muzzleloaders and hunting with them. That caplock sure makes it easy. The shot was a complete pass through which works for me.

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