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A Wish List???

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Do you guys ever make a wish/want to buy list?? An ever became rich list to buy?? I don't have too many wants but a few more surplus toys would be nice maybe belt feds? My work(welding/fabrication) was on the cover of machine gun news the guy had twin 30's together on a volvo on the sunroof he was my coworker I made all the brackets to put them together(twin them) they were belt fed from two 5 gallon buckets awesome plinker?? When i find the magazine I'll post the front page picture of my work somewhere. Sorry but i just wanted to share that with you guys he was legal he paid the tax to own them. Yup I think there is belt feds in my future for sure a 50 would be awesome just for plinkin.

We can all dream?? :D
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Big Bill,
Did you say 50's? You got some BIG Varmints there buddy. I'm glad I don't live in your 'hood!!!!

savageT :)
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