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AA 8700 and the 30br

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Well I got stuck with an 8 pound keg of the stuff so I called Acurate Arms Powder Company and asked what they though of it in a 30 br. After realizing it was me again. They said try a 1to1 grain to volume ratio. So I figured that out and droped it 10% With my 140s and 160s no good but with my 200gr unmodified woo hoo a bout 1.5 inch group. The thing was it left quite a bit of unburned powder.
So what I am doing is loading the modifed bullet with it.
I have allso been try sizing standard 308,306,243,and 270 brass to the 308 br. So far I have figured out how to do this easily. I loaded 6 rounds of this reformed brass with the 8700 and modified bullet. The thing I am looking at is with the standard brass I can now use a large rifle primer (versus the 7br small primer) I used Federal Match Magnums. This should give me enough heat to burn more of the powder if accuracy stays the same or improves. I will be buying up as much 308 brass that I can find.
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I have found 8700 and WC 870 (now only WC860 listed) to be extremely accurate in anything I shoot, but the velocities are not barnburners.

If I were shooting one one the big cases with small bore (25-06, 7mm Remington Mag or so) I think they would burn all of the powder and turn in higher velocities!

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