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I finally got a pound of the correct powder (Accurate 1680) and did some preliminary testing today with my 30-223. This is the AAC 300 Blackout model. I worked up a load that produced 2609 fps with a 110gr VMax at about the point pressure signs were beginning to appear. Then I switched to a 130gr bullet and got to 2372 fps before I ran out of daylight. Looking at the primer I think I'm nearing the limit there too. 2400 fps is possible, but it will likely be a little too hot.

Not bad for a 16" barrel. That puts it in 30-30 territory.

I still have accuracy testing to do, but this answered my question about how much I could get out of this rifle/cartridge.


* Cheap brass and easy to form.
* Easy to ream by hand.
* Gained about 200 additional fps over the 300 BO.

* Brass has a thin neck - easy to crumple when seating a bullet if you're not careful.
* Thin brass at the shoulder makes it easy to set back the shoulder firing reduced loads. I began to have misfires with the third firing. (No problem with full power loads.)
* Resale may be negatively impacted - no commercial ammo available.
* Long, heavy, subsonic bullets will need to be seated deeply due to a shorter leade than with the factory 300 BO chamber.

Three of the biggest things I've come away with from this experiment is that: 1 - the 300 BO round is incredibly efficient, 2 - a Handi needs a big shoulder or a rim, and 3 - I'd like to try the 30-223 in a bolt rifle with a 20" barrel.

And now I have to decide if I want to keep it, sell it, or ream to 30-30. I have a 30-30 reamer with a nice long leade, and with the long neck of the 30-30, it might be fun to try some 200gr+ cast bullets.

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I have gotten just into the 2400's with a 110 and 2250 with a 125. But the numbers drop off fast after that.. The same powders and worked up loads barely reached over 2000 with a 130. ;) In a H&R AAC 300 BLACK of coarse. :)

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