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The number assigned to a powder (IMR-4350, IMR-4831, IMR-4064, RL-10, etc.) means absolutely nothing. It is the number the manufacturer assigend to that powder.

Way back when, the Governement assigned IMR-4350 a rating of 1.0, which pertained to it's burning rate. All powders are referenced to IMR-4350 when calculating burning rates.

If Accurate and IMR and Hodgdon have a powder called "4350" it does not mean they are the same. They are extremely similar, but not the same.

Likewise there are powders on the market (namely Hodgdon) which have one name when purchased in a Hodgdon container, and the exact same powder, when purchased in a Winchester container or an Australian container, have totally different names.

The old Hurcules powders had names like Red Dot, Green Dot, Blue Dot because that is how the manufacturer differentiated between them, by adding colored flakes to the mix.

Other manufacturers have gone the opposite direction, take the "Clays" powders for example...there are 4 different powders from Hodgdon that have the name "Clays" or "International" in them....tell me that doesn't cause confusion!

There is no convention in naming iw whatever the manufacturer feels like naming it when it is shipped.
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