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Ackley Improved

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:D Would someone with expericence give some pros and cons of the Ackley Improved Cals.Would it be a good idea to rechamber say a 223 to a 223 Ackley improved. Thanks in advance. I am CAL.....
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Achley Improved

Advocate wrote:
Interesting article on AI ctgs., including the .223 AI. According to this writer, you get 5% increase in capacity with 2% increase in velocity with equal pressures, but you get "exceptional" case life. Good article.

I have P.O. Achley's books and that is what he says too. The 2% velocity increase doesn't make much difference, but if you shoot a lot (and reload) then the added case life is a significant improvement.
acklet improved

I think what Ackley said was by taking the taper out of the cartridge case you lessen the thrust on the bolt face and transfer it to the chamber wall...there has been a bunch of discussion about this pro and con. I don't think its ever been settled
I shoot two ackley chamberings, 22-250 and 6.5-06. From the 22-250 I use 220 Swift loads and get about the same velocities with very little increase in pressure and greatly increased case life. I should point out that I have custom dies from Redding for both caliberes and neck size only, custom dies are not a required, I just wanted them.

From the 6.5-06AI I am getting 264 Win mag performance with about 15% less powder and excellent accuracy.

There are pros and cons for going with any Ackley chambering. You have to weigh them all before you decide. I prefer them, but I am a tinkerer, I like to experiment so for me, yes they are worth it. Are they for you, I don't know.

I make my 22-250 cases by buying the Winchester Varminter 40 pack at Wally World and shoot them as I would from a regular 22-250, makes a great case and even shoots accurately.

Just remember, you will have to get a special set of dies even if they are not custom due to the increase in the diameter of the case in the shoulder area. You can get standard Ackley dies from most of the die makers but they will cost a few bucks more.

Hope this helps.

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ackley improved

If you want to see some reloading data look at the Accurate Smokless powders loading guide #2 they have several calbers in Ackley listed
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