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Some of us reload our own shotgun shells so here is some info I've gathered:

Since I can't afford new guns I decided to spend a bit less money on some add-ons for my MEC 600 Jr Mark V shotgun reloader (they like long names at MEC)

The bottle suports is a good thing. It supports the bottles about halfway up and keeps them from loosening. Never did like tipping back the bottles with the shot bottle about 1/2 full of shot. Didn't think that the small threads on the neck would hold--it always did buy made me worry. Now there's plenty of support.

the E-Z Prime "V" for MEC Single Stage Presses (see, another long name) is questionable right now. Some of the parts were out of specs so some work was needed on them plus a couple of moving parts wouldn't--looks like Baby Huey put them together; again, more work was needed.

Once operational is "usually" feeds a primer. I am going to relieve the sharp lip at the top of the feed tube as I think the primers are getting hung up on it. A slight radius should do it.

Also it wouldn't feed down to the last primer. There is an area where any primers in it won't get over to the feed arm. With a full tray of primers this isn't a problem but it does mean you either have to get them out manually at the end or leave them in the machine till next time.

I'll give it a few more hundred of reloads to see if it "works" itself into smooth, reliable operation. I'll let you know down the road what I find out.

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