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Adding hollowpoint to Lyman 458009

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I have a problem with 1-16 twist and the 280 grains 458009 being too heavy/long to stabilize.

I have two questions. Stabilization is a multifaceted issue.

So, first, will adding the hollowpoint (and reducing the weight but not the length) make the bullet more stable?

Second, do any of y'all have a simple design of a jig that can be used with, say, a drill press or Forster trimmer to do the hollowpointing?

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OOPS 358009 not 458009.

Same questions.
Only insofar as weight affects the length of the projectile does it factor into the stability of the bullet for any given twist of rifling. Hollow pointing will not, unless it markedly changes the length of the bullet, affect its stability in flight.

Why drill your bullets? If you have a mould that produces what you want except for the hollow point, a swaging die is both quick to operate and cheap to make.

I'd like to oblige, but my objective is to go as heavy as I can, wich will probably end up being about 260 gr. & I already have 200 and 220 gr. moulds.

But, for the next day, there's a 3589 (old 358009) with HP on ebay.

I remember seeing a trimmer mounted hollowpoint toolhead from one of the major mail order supply houses. It might have been Midway. This was in the catalog. BTW Midway does not always have all of the items in the catalog listed on their web site.
Just checked my Midway catalog. Forster makes the Hollow Pointer. 1/8' for pistol #371-968 1/16' for rifle #635-851.
John ... Your experience confirms a suspicion I had about the use of this tool. I assume that this has to be done on a loaded round. Assuming the bullet was seated even slightly off center or the case was not perfectly concentric the hollowpoint would be also, throwing it out of balance. It makes common sense that a swaged HP would be more concentric as you are dealing with the bullet only and eliminating other factors that could cause an out of balance bullet.
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