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I know the abbreviations ADL and BDL refer to whether a rifle has a blind magazine or hinged flooplate; but, what exactly to they stand for?

I always understood a stock without a cutout in the bottom for the magazine was stiffer and would theoretically make for a more accurate rifle, but I would suspect that, all other things being equal, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in accuracy between the two.
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The ADL & BDL are different grades for the different rifles. They have some more letters for more different grades they have. I would have to ask someone at the Remington factory to find the definition of the letters.
All my Remington Rifles are BDL grade. They can shoot tight groups with no problem. :D
Hmmm . . . perhaps my understanding of the ADL and BDL designation was in error. I thought CDL stood for "Classic Deluxe", but maybe that's wrong too. Nevertheless, I see the ADL and BDL abbreviations in stockmakers catalogs identifying whether a stock is cut for a hinged floorplate or not. I never see CDL to describe an aftermarket stock.
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I think you will find that when Remington first came out with the 700 the first ones were blind mags and were designated ADL, Then shortly after that they came out with the open mag. and it was designated BDL. Some people prefer the ADL saying they ar stronger than the BDL, Less flex.
I bought my first one in 1962 and it was an ADL 7MM Mag. .........Joe....... :roll:
My impression is that Remington dropped the ADL line this year. They introduced a new CDL, but it's not a replacement for any other model, at least not yet. The BDL has been around for many years, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it discontinued in favor of the CDL if that model sells well. The CDL is a rather attractive rifle as opposed to the gaudier BDL. I haven't a clue as to the fate of the Classic models. I'd like to think Remington would keep it. I have several and like them a lot, a marvel of simplicity. To each his own I guess. Best wishes.

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I wrote Rem. a letter asking about ADL & BDL I just got the return letter today. They said that ADL was Deluxe and BDL was Custom Deluxe.
They said both models use similar barreled actions, which feature the strongeat actions made. :D
Check out Remington forum on this matter. You'll find plenty there about it!
JPSaxMan said:
Check out Remington forum on this matter. You'll find plenty there about it!
What Remington Forum do you recommend? Can you give us a link. I have tried this one for serveral months, and it is DEAD. Very few posts.


Note: Never mind...I think I just answered my own question...I found the "Remington Firearms" link on this Forum. Glad to find it. I love Remingtons (and Winchesters...oh, heck...I love them all). :p
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