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Its been a tough spring here in the north land but when the heat came lastweek its a whole new game. Monday I landed a 6.1lb largemouth at about 4:30am on my third cast. Tuesday its smaller bass but in many numbers my biggest was 2lbs. Wenesday its the same story, Thursday samey same, Friday samey same again small and up to 2lbs but its steady i'm on fish. Saturday more 2lbers and a 2 1/2lber. Lets not forget I'm disabled and i can't fish for more than 2hrs sometimes its 30 minutes and for me to go out and catch from 4 or 5- 2lbers and up to 10 bass in that little time i'm doing really great. A 6.1lb LMB in about 5 minutes is just awesome for me after a bad spring season. After this week I'm a whole new person I'm motivated like i just hit the lotto!!!! YUP i'm on the Bass lotto!!! I have no clue but here's my story my little baits just weren't running right no wobble like they once had?? I changed and bought new baits and itys the samey same?? Whats wrong with my presentation? Have i lost my skill?? Am i too old? Here's the biggest mistake of my life i have ever made believe it or not. I was using the ball bearing loc snap swivels because in the dark i can't tie plus in the light i can see the loop anyway to tie. They were getting expensive so last year I switched to the cheaper ones at walmart 12 for 72 cents. I noticed my small lures had no wobble(crankbaits)?? I just switched back to the cabelas 24 for $8 ball bearing loc snap swivels and my crankbaits got their swing back. The better quality swivels are like having a hinge on the cranks they just run free with more movement. This is the only thing I changed from my last success till now. I didn't think a cheaper snap swivel could make that much difference?? BigBill
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