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Air sihouette sight settings

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Well, I finally got my Daisy 747 and have it sighted in at 10 yds. I was curious, how much elevation difference do most of you get between 10 and 18 yards? For now, I'll be using Crossman Premiers.
I'm not sure I like the sights without clicks. Too bad after market sights aren't available.
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Hi Kelly! I think you'll find significant differences in sight adjustment between ranges & outdoors/indoors with AIR. I've found the best results with Vogel "Yellow Tin" pellets with head size 4.51mm weighing 7.7 grains. If you buy a sleeve, it's $6/tin plus freight. Freight added about 80 cents/tin to my order. My sight adjustments are up 2 for pigs, up 5 for turkeys & up 6 for rams. This is using the "hash" marks to count the "clicks". The good news is that I've found this sight to be very repeatable. :? Of course, the bad news :cry: is no clicks. I'll have an article in the Jan/Feb issue about what you can do to the sight to help your sight picture. Steve
Kelly! Forgot to say that I'm buying the Vogels from Pilkington's at Steve
I took the Daisy out for a test spin at the range Sunday. There looked to be about eight clicks difference between chickens and rams. The problem was with the rams. There was an inch or more virtical dispertion and I suspect velocity variation so I cronographed it with several pellets.
ES's were as high as 18fps which didn't sound too bad until it was brought to my attention that, at 350fps, a velocity variation of +/- 5% = 1" at 30 yds. with normal pellet B.C.s.
I will try the Vogels as well as experiment with my cocking procedures.

Kelly! After refining my sight settings at our last match, I come up 2 notches for pigs, 5 for turkeys & 5 for rams. That's with Vogel yellow lid 4.51mm pellets weighing 7.7 grains. Steve
Well, I found a pellet the Daisy likes, RWS Meisterkugen pistol W.C.'s. Those, coupled with a more careful and deliberate pump stroke seems to have eliminated the virtical dispertion.
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