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March 5, 1836

Republic of Texas: It has been learned that the defenders of the Alamo number less than previously reported. Approximatley 185 men of both Anglo and Mexican decent are defending this abandoned misson against more than 5000 troops under the command of General Santa Anna. He is receiving fresh troops by the hour.

Several major assults have be repulsed and it appears that General Santa Anna is planning one final, all-out attack in the hours ahead. The defenders are hoping for reinforcements but, so far, none have been seen arriving in this south Texas town though there are rumors that some have entered the Alamo unseen.

In other news the Texian Army led my General Sam Houston has been reported fleeing towards the Louisania border. Many of the local civilians have also joined in. It would seem that all of east Texas is heading to the United States to escape the fighting.

More news as it happens.
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