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Alaskan Winter Hunts

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I just got up here in June and have unsuccessfully :cry: , but humorously :wink: , hunted moose and black bear. I can't stand the thought of waiting until Spring to hunt again. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about predator calling within an hour or so of Anchorage...further if I can get a full weekend off.

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You can try a late season hunt for caribou around Illiamna. Not sure where you live, but there's usually some tags for a late season moose in the Mat-Su valley. Not sure when deer season closes, but I bet you could get into the sound on a late hunt.
Getcha some snowshoes

and explore the hillsides along the Seward Highway. I was stationed at Elmendorf '81 to '90, then retired and stayed six more years. Used to spend a lot of time around Silvertip Creek, before they straightened out the road and closed a lot of access/parking spots. Used to be a lot of varmints there, even heard wolves on occasion. The Palmer creek area (near the end of the Hope turnoff) was a favorite for spruce hens in winter. Need a 4-wheeler or snow machine to really get in there, tho. I usually carried a Single Six and pocket full of long rifle ammo in deep winter. In the spring, think LFCs (large furry critters) and take along something heavier. By the way, (and I hesitate to ask) did Alaska Fish & Game change the residency requirements? I had to wait a year b4 getting a resident license (couldn't afford the non-resident big game fees). Anyway, enjoy it up there. Dennis :wink:
Alaskan Winter HUnts

Thanks Yukon Jack and Dennis B,

I'll try and get down to the Kenai Peninsula in the coming weeks for small game and varmints. I'm familiar with the Palmer Creek area and hunted grouse there with my Springer bitch. I'd like to get my son (9 YOA) in there for some hens and rabbits if any are about. Dennis - Alaska's residency rules as they apply to me are that I pay resident fess for my license and 1/2 the out-of-state fees for my know, like the moose and black bear tags still in my wallet. Yukon Jack - I've heard about the late season caribou hunts to include some same-day fly-outs. A fella at work took his cow caribou that way in February.

I absolutely love this place. Moose in the back yard several times already this year. Unfortunately, I'm just up here on a two year tour. I ain'y gonna lie to you guys...I'm gonna cry like a baby when they make me leave here.

Now that you mention it, I do recall the military residency break. I still think that none of the GIs ought to have to shell out those fees. BTW, there's a silver-haired old retiree named Charlie who works at the family services cabin (He used to do the newcomer orientations) If you're ever over there, ask him about black bear in Palmer Creek or Silvertip. If you buy him a cup of coffee he may tell some tales about dime bright Silver Salmon in the Kenai in winter. (If he won't tell, I can show pictures). Enjoy. Dennis
hi dennis
were in fort worth are ya I have a friend that owns a barbque `
place there called Angelos.Hes been coming up for the past few years on
moose hunts and has done well each time.Hes coming up in march
for Bison in farewell area on the iditarod trail we got 2 permits.
Those silver Salmon are in the river now I live on the Bank of the Kenai
but we have had all rain and no snow river is dirty and very high and fast
this is the warmest winter since 1907 god i hope it snows. :D

Check the reg's.

On page nine of the big game reg's. it has a statement concerning military personnel in AK. Summarized, you gotta be here 12 months unless you hunt on military land, then it is 30 days.

Get a guide book and take a look. Might save you some money.

Basically the laws are screwed up. One of my high school students arrived here in Oct. That means he needed a non-resident lisence to hunt the remainder of the year. Then in Dec. he would have to buy another non-resident liscence until Oct. when he became a resident. Three lisences in one year!!!!!
Dabigmoose: Small world...I've been to Angelo's--best BBQ and coldest mug of beer I've had down here. You ought to see the cooler they keep the mugs in--you could hang a moose or two in there. I envy you the farewell hunt. My son and I hit the Nelchina Tier II back in '96, and I got a cow moose on drawing permits in '83 and again sometime in late 80s. I still think a week-long fly in trip is the way to go. I haven't talked to either in some time, but I know two fellows who live down at Bing's Landing. Jim's retired Air Force, working for the FAA, and Brian's retired from the Slope. Dunno when we'll get back up; only came down here because I like to keep the bills paid.... :cry:
Hi Dennis

Yep seen those coolers amazing Hope ya get to come back.
Our winter is very strange this year its 42 above outside in Soldotna
I do not understand it and no snow at all.
When I was in Texas it was the first time this Indian had been to the lower 48 and I can see why people are amazed by Alaska being Wilderness
were ya can get lost and there are no roads for hundreds of miles in any direction or any people.The people I have taken on Hunts have said there hunts at home are not the same.I saw what they were are talking about
everything had a fence around it and no tresspassing signs that was a first for me.I had never seen a barbed wire fence that was in 79.
Winter Bear Hunt?

Heard a few black bear are still out. Hard to believe but I'm gonna give it a try this December.
HI Matt
Give it a try there are possibly some Bears still out
take a varmit call and try for some coyotes also.
Remember to glass a lot for them.Thi is the strangest winter i have ever seen.40 degrees above in Soldotna

Keani black bears

Matt: I was prospecting down there two years ago and spotted a huge black bear near a lake. I don't have a map at work but it was just past a lake with a public camping/boating area on the left, close to the road. There was a trail head shortly afterwards on the left also as you come up a gradual hill. The bear crossed there, matter of fact I saw another one about five miles up the road from there also.

Hope this helps. I am gassing up the boat this weekend as the last chance for deer is going to be on the 20th. I will have ten days to make it back, if I can make it out. Merry Christmas to me! Camping and hunting! what could be better --- Mariah Carey in camp maybe.
Thanks Dave

Thanks Dave. I should be able to find that spot in my Atlas. I'm gonna spend the whole day glassing hillsides...and just about running up a hill so I can beat the darkness if I see a bear. I stalked a couple this fall but they were smarter than me and the swirling winds gave me away -- amazing how fast them black bears can run.

Good luck with the deer. Be safe!!! Alaska, winter,'re a brave man.
Hey Matt,
Don't forget to submit your permit applications for sheep, some bear areas and Koyukuk moose by Dec. 6!!!

I'm living here in Texas dreaming of the day that I can afford a hunting trip for moose and caribou in Alaska. I'm green with envy!! :grin:

Research! If you start now and buy the gear a piece at a time, check out areas and read all that you can, it will be a lot more affordable when you want to do it.

I bought my .35 Whelen 10 years before I got here!

One good site to start the research on is:

I am always looking for information on hunting and fishing. Makes the bad weather days more tollerable. :wink:


If you set your sights a little black bear, shoot me an e-mail. There are some very inexpensive options (airfare, car rental, tag/license) where you'll see bears every day if you work at it....and probably even if you don't.
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