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all around 15" Encore bbl

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Hi all,
What would be you caliber choice if you could only pick one of the following for shots onwhitetail, blackbear, and elk out to about 125 yards? I'm considering 454 casull, 7mm-08, or 308. Let me know what you think?
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encore 15"

if you handload, 454 plenty of good bullets (cast) better for elk bigger bullet up to 405gr at about 1500-1600 out of a 15"bll,the 308 is ok but i like a bigger bullet for bear or elk
well, the thing i like about the 7-08 or .308 is your not limited to 125 yards. i'd say you could double the range if you are well practiced with the gun and feel confident of the shot. as far as elk goes, you could load, or buy factory rounds already loaded with premium bullets for the task.
I'd go with a 30-06. The round is fairly common. In addition, the -06 tends to do better with heavier bullets. You can use 180 or 200 grain bullets and still get good performance.
I would have to say the '06 that's what I'm using next year for bear oh ya and the .445 SuperMag.
Well, I've never shot an '06 in a 15" barrel, but I have a .308. I opted for it over the 7-08 for the ability to shoot heavier bullets if need be. So far I've only shot 150s, and it does a fine job on feral goats! Don't know about bears, but with a good 165 or 180 grain bullet, you should be fine. I'm not a big fan of recoil, and I can bang away with my .308 (shooting a pretty stiff load of IMR4064) with few worries. I recommend the .308 without reservation for most hunting and shooting in a 15" barrel.
I have a 15" in 45-70 and one in 30-06. If you are truly limiting yourself to 125 yrds then I'd go with the 45-70. It will take care of all your hunting needs, besides you never know when an elephant will run through your garden. :lol:
454 Casull

Handgunhuntr, Given your short-range needs, game animals chosen (especially considering elk), and the choices you've narrowed it down to, I'd personally recommend the 454 Casull. The 7-08 and 308 will surely shoot flatter than will the Casull, but I think it would be hard to appreciate it w/ a max range of 125 yards. :eek: In addition, I'd it would be reassuring to have the Casull in your hand instead of the other two should a big elk step out.... :eek: I'd go w/ the Casull. :grin: Gary T.
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