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I always use a screw driver type allen wrench and I have never broken a screw off yet. The only time I had any kind of problem was with a cheap Tasco ring that had a cap screw hole counter bored too deep and it broke through the bottom of the ring. If I'm not mistaken the millet rings are steel, they will take a lot more force than you may realize. Just my .02 KN

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torque of rifle mount screws?

Yes, Millet rings (and bases) are made of steel and thus can handle a bit more torque.

There is a special tool that is used that controls the amount of torque used. However, this tool is very expensive and really not necessary. Just tighten the screws to the point that it becomes difficult to turn. However, please make certain that you alternate tightening the screws very lightly on each side before finally really tightening them down.

One other small piece of advice - use the BLUE loctite (not Red).

You have a great gun and a great scope. Enjoy it. :D

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