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I have never cooked Alligator before as I live in WI. I have found a local source that sells the meat listed as Alligator Sirloin Chunks? I was told by the guy running the store that you should cut into chunks and deep fry using a beer batter and do not pan fry as it will get rubbery and fishy tasting? Has anyone here on this forum cooked Alligator and how did you do it? how was it? I want to serve some at my family xmas party for something different as we are all hunters and fishing folk but I do not think anyone in the family has tried Alligator yet. Jim :wink:

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I have never cook alligator and could not find a alligator recipe in any of my cookbooks so I went surfing and found this one. I hope it is what you were looking for.

Beer Fried Alligator

1 pound Alligator

Trim meat and cut into finger sized pieces. Soak pieces in beer overnight. Drain. Deep fat fry until golden brown.
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