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Am I asking to much out of my '06 Encore ?

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Well not good went shooting today and here are the groups.
150gr Hornady SP
58grs IMR4350
@50yrds four shot group 1.7"

150gr Hornady SP
59grs IMR4350
@50yrds four shot group 3.7"

165gr Gameking
57grs IMR4350
@50yrds four shot group 1.9"

I am sooo spiting mad that this barrel just wont shoot worth a crap.
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Ok, I have looked at all my four shot groups and MAN do I feel stupid. Every target has two bullet holes within 1/2" of each other high but center the other two shots are low and 1/2" to the right of center and are 1/2" to 1" low from center.If its a forearm problem how do I fix it I have one of the rubber ones ? Could I shot it without a forearm to see if that helps?
Thank's guy's.......I like the '06 in the handgun I will keep at it and mess around with the forearm and see if I can find an older one that is not so soft.The best load so far is 58grs IMR4350 and a 150gr Hornady SP #3031 I will stay with this load and see if I can make the groups shrink.

Thank's to every one of you guy's
PJ :grin:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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