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Am I asking to much out of my '06 Encore ?

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Well not good went shooting today and here are the groups.
150gr Hornady SP
58grs IMR4350
@50yrds four shot group 1.7"

150gr Hornady SP
59grs IMR4350
@50yrds four shot group 3.7"

165gr Gameking
57grs IMR4350
@50yrds four shot group 1.9"

I am sooo spiting mad that this barrel just wont shoot worth a crap.
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well PJ.....

it ought to do better than that for sure. i partial sized my 7-08's and i don't recommend it. they are a little too tight to open and close on. is that the only powder you've tried? 4350 is a slow powder and may not want to work in your pistol. sometimes it may work but sometimes it may not either. try a faster burning powder like H4895. check some burn rate charts and see where they rank from fastest to slowest. looking at the older hornady 4th edition in front of me they show-H4895 with 150grsp c.o.l. 3.230"
45.1gr minimum
48.7gr maximum
win 748 is also a faster powder but i've never used it. i believe the powder and bullet are the two biggest influence's on a load, but thats just my opinion. in comparing groups with different powders i have noticed major differences in group patterns. i say try a faster powder and see what happens.
how are you seating your bullets also? i get my overall length by comparing two measurements.
first take a cleaning rod and put down the barrel to the breechface. mark the rod with a fine felt tip pen. remove the rod and insert a bullet only into the chamber. hold it in with a pencil eraser. reinsert the rod till it contacts the bullet. mark it again with the felt tip. measure between the marks to get your overall loaded length.
second method to compare too- insert bullet only again into the chamber. take your dial calipers and hold them with the small end flush on the barrel over the chamber. let the small slide go down into the chamber till it contacts the base of the bullet. read your dials reading and add that measurement to the length of a measured bullet. this will also give you your c.o.l.
compare the two measurements and they should be very close. this will put the bullet out touching the lands and may help accuracy. you can also seat a few thousandths deeper if that doesn't work.
if the powder change and overall length doesn't do what you want then try a different bullet. like maybe a nosler bt.
i hope this helps, and you may know this stuff already, but i thought it may help. hang in there and have faith. KYODE 8)
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i don't think you could rest it without the forearm. the barrel would still be on the rest or bags with a major influence on groups. graybeard gave me a good idea on somewhat floating the forearm. i did it on my contender and encore. it's cheap, easy and a great idea i thought. although i havn't looked closely at the rubber forearm, mine are walnut. just fold 5-7 layers of black electrical tape and place it in two places under the barrel near the mounting screws. it keeps the barrel off the forearm and only touches at the points where the folded tape is. i am not satisfied until i can get less than 1 1/2" groups at 100 yards and would prefer 1" or less, especially with the smaller calibers. i measure my groups center to center. :D
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