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I also have a bad habit of buying reloading accessories that I don't need just because the price is good or I think that maybe in the future I may buy the gun.

I recently picked up a new set of RCBS .308 dies for $10. I own several .30-06's, a .280 and a 7mm-08, so I don't need a .308. But I couldn't pass up the price.

A while back I bought a box of reloading stuff that included .338, .243, .45 Win Mag, and 30 carbine dies (all RCBS) along with 8mm, .25 cal, .223 bullets, and a bunch of other components. I don't own an 8mm, 25 cal or .45 Win mag, so I'm kinda stuck with those items until I can find someone to swap with. I like the idea of the .45 mag, but it never caught on. It might be a nice cartridge in a Handi rifle, though.

I pursuing a possible opportunity on a .338, however. So I may have a use for those dies soon.

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