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***** and the moon...

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I went to check the 14 **** sets this morning and had only caught a possum and a 'rat. I had pocket sets and used sardines and even some shellfish oil and some other **** lures at some. I thought Id have a least a few....but didnt catch a one.

I was told **** dont run when the moon is so full and bright....and last night it was BRIGHT!! Is this true?? I was able to check most of the traps from the canoe withought a the dark.
OR...are the **** still feeding on berries and crops?
Tim B
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LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION. If the sign is there give your traps a night or two.But if you did not set on sign ? Well you got a good leason.
I have a LOCATION where the ****,fox and what have you all come to eat persimons,there must be about 50 trees.Man can this place get HOT.Guess what this year no persimons! NO **** ! NO fox !And Newt aint gona set NO snares.
Tim listen to what Newt is saying I will also add this Im not a big time **** trapper but I have acouple years of running hounds under my belt and can tell you that in my location when there is a full moon I find its more the big boars feeding than anything else.

Im not saying the sows or smaller **** dont move they just dont seem to travel on those nights like the boars do.

Dont feel bad , I am not really having a good **** year myself .Maybe after deer season I can get serious again and put up a pile .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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