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Anna Gertrout was born in York County, Pennsylvania in July 1762. She was the second of ten children born to Philip W. Gentzler and Juliana Wintermyer.
Anna was five years old, when her parents moved, by Conestoga wagon, to Norh Carolina. According to the diary of the Lutheran minister Rev. Johann G. Arends, Anna was christened on 9 June 1776.
Around 1780 Anna would married Valentine Cline and they would have ten children between 1782 and 1800.
Valentine Cline was born in November 1753 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Andreas Micheal and Eva Maria Klein. Andreas and Eva were also from Germany. (At this time we do not know what ship they were on.)
Valentine Cline frequently appears in the records of the Lincoln County Court of Pleas and Sessions, from 1790 until his death in 1801. As was the common practice of the times, citizens were frequently ordered to serve as jurors, and they were often named to "help lay off" a road, or "oversee" a portion of a road running near their property. On 14 October 1794, he purchased 166 acres of land from Frederick Shell. In January 1796, the court agreed to condemn one thousand acres of land for the use of the Iron Works belonging to Valentine Cline and Philip Huart. This is an important entry, as it shows that Valentine was one of the early mining entrepreneurs of Lincoln County. In July 1799, he was awarded $15 pounds from Patrick O"Brien, who was "found guilty of speaking the damaging words and that there was no justification."
On 12 February 1801, Valentine purchased 1,500 acres from Philip Hunt, a transaction that was not proven in court until 1805. This was probably, in part, because of Valentine Cline's death, which occured sometime between Februaryand a court entry on 22 August 1801, which had to do with the "Estate of Valentine Cline, deceased."

Children of Anna and Valentine were:

Catherine Cline
Julianna Cline
Andrew Cline
John Philip Cline
Eve Cline (my ancestor)
Mary Cline
Margaret Cline
Martin Cline
Anna Maria Cline
Emelia Cline

John Philip Cline married Elizabeth "Betsy" Abernathy
Eve Cline married Nathan Abernathy
Mary Cline married Seth Abernathy

Elizabeth, Nathan and Seth were the children of Miles Abernathy and Ursula Bradshaw.
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