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Another addition

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I have friends that know of my addiction to h&r and they will send me pics of ones im missing just to tease me. Well this morning i got sent a link to a huntsman in 58cal and it looks good and will look better beside the 45cal i already have.
What do you think of the furniture ?

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I like the look of it. But personally I would assume there is no pad/plate under that slip on recoil pad. Could very well be but plan for the worst, hope for the best.
Ive got a few spare parts here including a butt plate. If i wanted to i could make one too, maybe a fancy exaggerated scoop in an exotic hardwood, then id have to create custom furniture to match. Ive got lots of aged cherry, apple and indian plum, could get walnut, birch, maple and any other local hardwood easily enough.
Not only did it grab me it shook too
Did you see the one that Kurt aka "Phatinjun" has for sale?
I did indeed see that but shipping to Canada is out of the question with duties, itar and such.
Im trying to get the brass trigger guard, spacer and possibly a barrel band shipped but even those pieces are restricted.
Picked it up today and am very pleased.
The brown crud around the breech plug was grease not rust. Everything was coated in a heavy grease, everything is bright and shiny inside. The plug needs a new O ring and ill swap the nipple too.
The ram rod is there but wont stay tight to push and collapsed when i tried to remove the plug. Ive got 2 now that do that, oh well.
Wood was painted and the slip on butt pad was hiding the missing original butt plate as guessed. Maybe i can trade a ramrod for a plate.
I ordered a 58cal round ball (.564) so when it arrives ill be off to the testing grounds.
I got comparing the .45 and .58 cal to see what would swap and such
The 45 has a flip style rear sight , 58 has a ramp with elevator
Both have the same size plug, swapped nipples to musket
.45 is 1974 as i found, the .58 is unknown but serial starts with AM*****
the .58 has a replacement butt stock as it has a sling stud and is not fitted well

The rest matches up

Who has a favorite load to share?
See the stickies for loads. Don't over load. When I got my .58, I had to get the pivot pin changed because it was bent.
I got my ball mold yesterday, cast a few balls today before going to the range. This is a beast, shooting a few at 60gr, then 70gr, then 80gr had me thinking about a recoil pad.
Grouping stayed about 6in @50 but ill tweak it to get it where id like it to be. I can almost hear the smack in a deer as it staggers upon Impact, shot placement ig going to be key or ill lose meat.
Ive got a year to tweak as im already tagged out for both seasons.
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Joke {pain} was on me, knew better just didn't do better. Bought an expensive tc maxiball mold in .45 caliber. Thinking about a load methinks hmmmm 45-70,well I'm here to tell you 70grains (by measure) of P Pyrodex behind a Maxiball inna TC Cherokee with that little curved buttplate , kicks like a Mo mule.3 shots (slow learner) and my shoulder was black and blue for a week! Same load in a CVASquirrel rifle was tolerable as it had a shotgun type butt. 😕​
Ahh yes time to go play at the range again, my 58cal minnie mold arrived this week and i cast a few up today. This one is going to do some damage when it hits something solid, its the lee 575-472- M.

Casting pure lead
My 10 cast average was 472.2gr with the heaviest 472.7gr.
Average dia 14.7mm (0.58") with the largest 15.0mm (.59")

These are designed to load with no patch and when fired the pressure enlarges the hollow base to grab the rifling.

Im hoping for decent grouping at 50yards and if i get that ill be using it as my goto muzzle loader in the 2023 primitive season.
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I couldnt take it any longer and had to remove that fugly Grey paint. Under it was a black layer that clogged sandpaper when it got warm causing me to cuss. Under the black layer was the original finish, i think
Turns out it was faster to scrape the old layers off than sanding due to the black layer. In 45min i had all the old layers off and ready to sand before deciding on how to finish the beautiful wood that was hiding. Stain then oil? Just oil? Varnish?
Heres the before and after
Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument Automotive exterior Auto part Metal

Glove Textile Sleeve Dress Wood

The center piece is from my 45cal huntsman
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Well heres the update
I hit the lighter ones with a special walnut stain before 6 coats of birchwood oil.
The other got a medium cherry then 6 coats of oil

Not quite there yet but looking good

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