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For owners of “most” Garmin handheld gps units and a Garmin MapSource product you have the option of setting your PC time from the GPS satellites.

Connect your gps to your computer via a serial port or usb port. With your gps on and receiving a Satellite fix, open MapSource and select the Utilities option. From the drop down select Set PC Clock. You may need to select Find Device. In the Device box your gps unit should show. Press OK to set your PC clock using the time from you GPS.

For those who do not have a Garmin gps or MapSource but have a modern cellphone you can get the correct time from it. If you are using a Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP you can double click on the time displayed on your screen in the lower right-hand corner. You will get a pop-up Date and Time Properties box in which you can modify the date and time. Vista has a more labor saving system that only requires one click on the time, to bring up the Date and Time Properties box.

I traveled out of State yesterday, and worked last night. I forgot to change the clocks before going to bed. So when I got up early this morning I thought it was time to “Fall” back but I was not sure. The first item I checked was my cellphone, and it was an hour behind the clocks in the house. I then checked my Garmin 76Cx and it share the same times with the cellphone. I expected my tower computer to have automatically made the change but it had not, so I got to play with my gps. We also have a tower computer for the grandkids, and game playing. I also had to Fall back with it. I did not touch my wife’s computer with the Vista OS. It had automatically made the change.

Tonight while watching TV I will checkout the laptop to make sure it is displaying the correct time. And I will get to my pickup and change the time in it. The wife will do her own vehicle.

I called my son this morning and he was unaware of the time change. He and the grandson had attended a College football game Saturday and he did not get home until 0100 hrs Sunday. He was glad to find he had an extra hour today.

Outdoors men need to keep track of the Date and time in relationship of hunting and fishing regulations. California has numerous Deer Hunting Zones. My brother stop at a small country store a few years ago and was telling the clerk where he had been hunting. The roadway near the store split two different zones. The clerk advised dear brother the zone he had been hunting in closed the week before. Feeling some what embarrassed, and relieved he hunted the open area the reminder of the day. And remember the Game Warden has a watch and a chart that times him the legal shooting hours in the area you are hunting. Turning your watch back and half hour in the fall will not buy you any sympathy with warden. And the guys at the Coffee Shop will get a laugh at your expense.

Sunset in many California locations this evening will be at 1702.

Have a good Fallback day.
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