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Antelope Green Chili (pork loin or chops will do if you don’t have an antelope in the freezer)


2-3 # antelope meat cubed (depends on how meaty you want your chili)

2 Medium onions chopped

2 cloves garlic chopped

4 each 14 ½ oz cans of tomatoes (that’s the size of can that our favorite brand comes in, just do the math for any other brands or home canned)

1-1 ½ # roasted New Mexico chilies chopped in large pieces (New Mexico Chilies are on the hot side and I don't know if they're easily found where you are, use canned whole peppers (Anaheim will give you a mild taste). If you have to use a mild pepper but still want the green chili on the hot side, finely chop 2 or more fresh jalapeno peppers (put the seeds in the pot too) and cook them with the onions and garlic. It’s your mouth, you can haul coal in it if you want, I wouldn’t add more than 3.


Put a little oil in the pot to keep the meat from sticking.

Season (salt and pepper, you can use a light flour coating if you like) and brown the meat (the meat should just be browned not cooked until done).

Add onions and garlic cook till onions start to clear.

Add tomatoes and continue cooking until the meat is tender.

Add chilies, cook till the pot simmers again and it’s ready to eat.


If you are cooking this ahead of time for the next day, cook everything but the chilies and let it cool over night. The next day add your chilies and bring to simmer. This way the flavors mix together nicely and the chilies don’t over cook and fall apart.
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