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any .25 wildcatters out there?

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Years ago, I was thinking of a 25 wildcat based on the 22 PPC case, sharp shoulder angle, I never got the reamers, or cut a Chamber, just kinda wonder why nobody tried that one... :D
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Speaking of .25 caliber wildcats, I always thought that taking a .35 Whelen and necking it down to .25 caliber would be worth doing.
Dooooogh! How about a 6mm Remington necked up to .25?
Now that's an interesting idea. Jist so happens I'll be picking one of those up Thursday morning. Seems ta me lak the fellar called it some kind weird name lak a .257 Roberts er sumpin. :)

BTW I also have another .25 wildcat. It is a .257 JDJ. The .225 Winchester case blown out to an improved configuration with short neck and opened to .257". From a 14" barrel it pushes 100s to about 2600 fps.

.25 Wildcat

Several years ago when I was recuperating from eye surgery and was told not to shoot anything with much recoil, I built a .25BR by simply necking up the .22BR case to .25. I needed .25 caliber to meet our "plains game" rules and this was the easiest way to get it. I had Pac-Nor make up a chambered barrel and then just trimmed the shoulder and length until the headspace was right. I use 100 gr. Sierra match bullets and the first load I tried for it shot under half an inch so I have stuck with that load. If I remember right, it chronographed at around 2650 fps.
25 cal

I have owned and shot. .257 Roberts(rifle), 257 Ackley Improved(rifle), 250 Savage(Encore pistol), 250 Savage Ackley Improved(Encore pistol),
256 Winchester Magnum(Contender Pistol) and I am currently waiting for my new 257 Roberts(Encore pistol) to come in from Fox Ridge. I like the 25 caliber. Now for my next project how about that new case. Winchesters 243 SSWM in 25 caliber? Jerry J
Like GB, I have a 257JDJ pistola that I sometimes use in the digger fields when the wind kicks up. That's it for the 25's right now - used to shoot a 256 Win Mag pistola, and back when they were still making dirt, had a sweet little 257 Roberts. Other than the bigger JDJ's and Super Bowers, my wildcatting is all 17's and 22's now days.
25's are great

I have had a 257 roberts,a 257 ackley,a 2506ackleya 25/303epps inproved that about matches a standard 2506and a 2506 remington it's my most accurate 25 that i have ever owned.It's a Ruger #1B,single shot that will consistently shoot 1/2 inch groups.I have shot moose and deer and 1 bear with 25's and they shure do the job.
Happy hunting
Frank S. :D
25 wildcats...

i have a 256 win mag tc...and am seriously considering a 25-35 or 25-35 ai....i want something a little more than a 256...that will stabilize 100gr bullets...the 256 will "barely" stablize is mean with 75s though...those 75gr speer fps are will shoot a 85 gr bt into 2 1/2 inches at 100yds...but not any better...have yet to try the 86gr rem.bulk bullet...i hear it does a little better..but still for cast and possible deer hunting..100gr are going to come into the picture. If you know of one that is for sale...let me know...still have not found one yet.
Been thinking about a way to clean up the throat on TC .256 barrels for low cost. How about making .256 brass out of .360 DW cases? Basically end up with a long necked .256, and with a neck/throater you could lengthen the factory chamber enough to cut a proper throat in it, as well as get some neck to properly hold cast bullets and keep the lube out of the powder.
257 wildcats

I have two 250 Sav. AI's. Great little caliber.
I have to agree with Taz about the 250 Savage AI. being a superb cartridge. I use it as my primary deer cartridge when loaded with 100 grain premium bullets.

Others to consider:

25BR (mentioned above)
25 Dasher (improved BR version)
25 Gibbs
257 Condor (on the 7x61 S&H case)
258 Super Condor (on the 378 WBY case shortened)
257 WSM
257 WSSM
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I designed a line of cartridges based on the 375 Winchester case, for use in the T/C Contender. The calibers run from 22 to 9.3mm. The case has a minimum body taper, 40 deg. shoulder, and a short neck. The 25 caliber has a neck length of .235". The case capacity is the same as the 250 Savage. This year I'm getting barrels chambered in .338 and .358. I will probably have the 25 caliber chambered next year. 8)
I just bought a H-S Precision in .257 Ackley Improved from a friend of mine that wasn't shooting it anymore (he has too many guns) it has the fluted barrel, great trigger and man does it shoot one hole groups. I use it for Coyotes on up and this one will never leave my gun safe. T
Love the .25 caliber...We just need a WSSM in .25
I've got a .257 Ackley Improved built on a Pre-64 Win M70 action with a Douglas Premium barrel. I've shot a bunch of deer and antelope with it using 100 gr Nosler Partitions. Great cartridge and one of the most efficient wildcats out there. Pair this with my .338-06 and I can't think of a more efficient two gun battery! :grin:
I`m surprised to see that no one has reported on what I thought would have been a very popular 25 cal wildcat ,the 25 souper. This is simply 308 Winchester necked into 25 cal
Now that we have the 243 Win,and 260 Rem, what a shame the factories chose to jump over this caliber. I feel like as good as the 25/06 is from the 30/06 that the 308 into a 25 should also be as good. IMHO . Thanks POW

hello,fellow firearms freinds,
Two years ago I had a 25/06 improved built on a Sako action
with a 27 inch Lilja barrel. I precision handload for this rifle. The most
accurate gun i've ever owned or shot. This year I shot my Antelope at 650 yds. we ranged it. One shot kill. Im shooting a 100 gr. Nos. ballistic tip
with H 4831 SC. at around 3600fps. I also killed a cow moose at 125 yds.
right behind the ear. got that one on video tape.
Jerry J and GB, what is your favorite powder for the 257JDJ. I finally got one and have used H4895 so far with great accuracy. Thats what I had on hand. Looking for the best choice.
Then we have a 25 Hunter one of my favorits. Great deer rifle 100gr bullet at 3160 ft/sec.

This group is with the Rem 700 game rifle. 24" Lothar Walther Barrel.

This is the 25 Hunter HBR rifle, used with 85 gr Fowler bullets. Shoots into 2's and high 1's

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