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any 7mmtcu owners ever.....

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Any of you 7mm tcu owners ever tried those 154 grain sst? loaded some last night but was wondering if any one had tried them and your insites to it,
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any 7tcu owners ever

I tried the 154 hornady bullet for sillywets some years ago. They were'nt as accurate Or effective as the 145's in either 10 or 14" barrels! That was MY gun and loads though your results may differ! 139 or 140's worked very well on every thing ,even the rams.120's will take deer! jh :D
I always found that the lighter loads shot better 120/130 gr. I haven't loaded any 7mm TCU's in a few years but I experimented with a lot of different stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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